Uniform ordering info for 2017-2018 Season

How to order-Cedar Stars- Club U9-U18

How to order-Cedar Stars- Club U9-U18

  1. Visit www.eskisports.com
  2. Hover over the “Your Team” tab to show list of teams and choose “Cedar Stars” then “Club Teams (U9-U18)/Mandatory”
  3. Select the gender of choice: Youth, Adults (Men) or Women.
  4. Add each style to your Cart
    ***Each Player is required to carry each of the items located on the team page. In addition to this, players are allowed and encouraged to purchase additional individual products.

  5. When selecting a jersey number, make you sure that Click agree to rule of # assigned by club.
    If you click on the question mark, below message will open up.

Number Assigned by Club

Please note:
It is important to know that in this box should be the assigned team number given to your child by your team representative. If you do not have an assigned number stop here and contact your team's office. Adding a number that has not been assigned will require you to re-order and re-purchase with the correct number. No refunds will be given should you add a number that is not assigned to your player from the team.

Thanks for your understanding!


  1. You can order the back pack immediately. It will be received at your house by 8/15.
  2. With each kit purchased, players will receive the following two products for free:
    A- Pink Sock for Breast Cancer Awareness month
    B- A Bag tag to be attached to duffle bags or back packs.
  3. The lead time for each order is up to 7 days

For any questions, please feel free to contact the designated email address or simply call us @ 855-498-3330:

Bergen, NJ: customerservice@eskisports.com